Rules of Survival Tips

Rules of Survival is one of the most sought-after mobile applications, as it is a very dynamic game that captivates a player from the first moment.  What is extraordinary with it? Let us try to get it. Basically, the game plotline is quite ordinary. 120 fighters have to land at an unknown territory and only 1 has to be a survivor. Is not it sweet? The question is who he is, the most successful fighter? The destination of these fighters is a big island full ‘to the overflowing’ with forests, secretive nooks, neglected houses, and wide range of weapons.  Loot searching and discovering the wild is complicated by constant attacks of the other 119 ‘brethren’, which pursue the same objective.  You cannot avoid combats, hiding somewhere, because there are no absolutely safe places there.

If you want to win, choose an appropriate place to land. It means a lot, since all the locations are different, holding tremendous potential and risks at the same time. There are 4 the most favorable spots to land at: Safe Store, Research Edifice, Training Base, and Bitter Lake. Each of them can provide the player with all the necessary weapons, provisions and equipment. The other essential thing for players is tactics. The fighter should be agile, bright-headed and skillful.