Rules of Survival PC

There are so many survival games that it becomes difficult to orient among them. Rules of Survival for PC is one of the most popular applications of today, and there are more than 80 million of admirers. Yu can play it on every device, and this is a great plus of it. You won’t be able to get rid of it after a couple of minutes, so you should make sure you have a charger at your disposal, if your device works from battery. Think about a quiet place, because you should carefully listen to your enemies, and there are 119 of them at the very beginning of the game. This number will reduce, if you lucky enough to kill them, though.

Don’t forget to customize the settings, and they will help you in the process of playing a lot. For instance, activation of double tap to turn around will save your life, when someone will be sneaking behind you. And here comes one of the most important points: study carefully all controls, so you know how to act in stressful situation without thinking. When you ponder about how to move along the location, you’d better choose crawling in order not to be seen by the opponents PC. You can choose different obstacles; they will also work for you. You can hide in a building, but don’t stay there for too long, because the main action is located outside. But as long as you are in the house, you can search for bonus treasures which will help you stay alive a bit longer.

Don’t forget to consult the map, though you should make sure you are in a safe place. This will help you see whether this zone contain rivals or not, and avoid their gathering. Enlarge the number of your weapon by picking items on the location and buy supplies at the game store. Don’t hesitate about picking something up, you will definitely need it, and later you will figure this out. If you are used to play in teams, you can join other gamers, and play in duos or in team of four, but this require certain efforts and skills. There is a chance to heal yourself, but only if this injury won’t kill you. There are many other cool things you need to learn on your own, because the game needs to have some secrets.