Rules of Survival Official Website

‘Rules of Survival’ is a game where you’ll have to be extremely attentive and enduring. The story takes place on an island where every corner is a dangerous spot. As soon as your parachute lands, stay alert because you can be shoot any second. Try to explore the place in order to hide from a possible attack or arrange it yourself. A great number of enemies will run along the territory wishing to kill your character. Besides, at first you’ll be unarmed, so don’t waste your time and go find a weapon before something bad happens. Your fists will help you to survive at the beginning of the game, still agree that a gun is much safer. Except for killing the rivals and being the smartest, you can become the richest bandit too – when entering some buildings, loot them! In addition, after killing somebody, you get his gold. The last survivor of the game gets everything. Well, who doesn’t want to be a billionaire? ‘Rules of Survival’ offers a thrilling adventure with lots of possibilities for players including various locations to wander, vehicles to use, arms and ammunition to collect. The more kilometers you walk, the more interesting and useful discoveries you make. Be the first to loot items that are hidden elsewhere to have advantage over your enemies. Sudden attacks can stress you out and threaten your health, but if you’ve got a first-aid kit, everything’s gonna be alright. This game will teach you to fight for your life and never give up!