Rules of Survival Mac

Rules of Survival is a game that differs drastically from typical shoot’em ups in the world of zombies. This game offers to delve into quite another reality of people, pursuing the same goal to survive. 120 fighters have to land and discover an unknown island that will become either the grave or new home of theirs. If you want to survive, you have to murder everything in sight, collect the loot and take away foes’ supplies and move on. Rules of Survival reminds of a certain simulator of the diversionist that is in the center of enemy den. Sometimes you are running, hiding, spying or driving jeeps along the cross-country terrain. Be ready for everything.

The game Rules of Survival captivates from the very beginning and keeps the players on tenterhooks till the end. You cannot relax even for a second because it is fraught with negative consequences. Be attentive, fast, and shrewd, if you want to survive. Only analyzing the situation, enemy’s potential and own chances to win, the player can reach the leader chart top.