Rules of Survival Battle Royale

Do you want to try your hand at a fancy shooter? Then you are free to test Rules of Survival online, and do it whenever you want, without any restrictions. There are several things you should know about the game. As the title says, your main goal is survival, and it will definitely be difficult. Here you will find a couple of tips you should follow, if you want to spend your time in Rules of Survival successfully and without major losses. At first you will see a short guide, and after that you need to take everything under your control, and you need to customize everything the way you need. You can adjust the moving-aiming thing, as well as other useful settings. In advance menu there is an option that helps your character turn around within a second, and this is a very useful moment, when you are surrounded by more than 100 opponents that are craving for your death. Then, the game begins with you, landing with a parachute in the heat of battlefield. No wonder that you will die very quickly. You need to figure out the best spot, and land on more or less safe place.

When you finally find yourself on the location, you see how vulnerable you are: there are no weapons in your hands. There is a backpack, and you need to fill it with all necessary items. Some of them can be found on the territory, while others can be bought only by game currency. One more thing you need to remember: don’t forget to shut the door after entering the building, otherwise enemies will get into your shelter, and the result is quite obvious: your death. Make sure your earphones work properly: they would help you to detect any approaching noise, and try to be as quiet, as possible. Get ready to whatever it takes. Don’t be too upset, if someone kills you – there are too many enemies around you.