Rules of Survival 2018

Battles are everywhere, but participating in them won’t do you any good. Though, that is true only to real life, where criminals are always punished, sooner or later. If you want to take part in an enormous adventure, why don’t you start with new Rules of Survival 2018? This is a perfect shooter for those, who care about their life and safety. Here you will meet more than 100 enemies, and all of them have only one aim: kill you, otherwise they will die. This is how you understand your goal: you should vanquish other gamers before they will do this with you. This game is extremely popular, and you have to try it at least to know what’s the noise’s about.

You enter the battlefield on the parachute, and here comes the first problem. You need to land on a safe place, not in the center of fight. Your rivals are waiting for the slightest error to take you over. There are plenty of buildings on the location, but the majority of them contains enemies, so don’t think you can easily find a shelter. You have a small map at your disposal, so you should check it the very moment you feel the ground under your feet. One more unpleasant thing – you don’t have any weapon, but your enemies do, so you should act quickly, and find something you can start with. Don’t forget about helmet – this item of clothing will serve well for you. You can buy those things in store, and you should use game currency. There are only two ways to get it: either earn in battles, or change some dollars for it. Nevertheless, you can choose the most appropriate way, and no one can say you are wrong.

There are various buildings on the location, but you should be sure there are no enemies inside. If you decide to hide in any house, don’t forget to close the door, but don’t slam it. The thing is that you can hear every sound on the field, and you are heard as well. So, one more advice is to keep silence. One more point why you should visit buildings – they may contain treasures. They are scattered all over the map, but finding them indoor is much easier than somewhere in the building, so don’t forget to explore the entire apartment. Surviving here is difficult, and you my die a couple of times before you figure out the best tactics that will help you win if not always, then in most cases.