Rules of Survival 2

Do you like to get into trouble? Then this game is perfect for you! If Robinson Crusoe got accidentally on a deserted island, you get there on purpose. Your goal is to kill as many enemies and find hidden treasures. It’s not so easy to fulfill this task because the territory of the island can accommodate up to 120 players. It means that 120 dangerous traps are waiting for your character. Besides, at the beginning of the game you’re unarmed and have to defend yourself only with your fists. The key of this game is unexpectedness. You never know which item you’ll find round the corner. But you can be sure that it’ll come in handy on the battlefield. As soon as you find a weapon, show time begins. You can also upgrade your ammunition and thereby, destroy more rivals and do it quicker. What’s more, you’ll get their gold as a prize. The last to survive gets all the gold.

The main character has got many opportunities and vehicles to utilize. For example, if you don’t feel like walking today, ride a sport car or a bike. But if you want to stay unnoticed, you’d better go on foot. Explore everything you see around: mountains, abandoned houses and strange buildings. The graphics of the game enables to see every stunning detail of the flora too. If you’re curious and brave enough, visit a pyramid to find out what’s going on there. Just be careful and be always ready for a sudden attack. You’ll be noticed about an approaching enemy, so work out your tactics beforehand not to get caught. In case if you are injured, use a first-aid kit. It’s a real war on your screen!

Those who are keen on shooters will adore ‘Rules of Survival 2’. This game is more than just an aimless firing. Here you should figure out a way to outsmart everyone and meanwhile stay alive.  The effective arsenal is at your disposal but it won’t help if you don’t have a strategy. A real soldier knows where one should use a gun and when it’s worthwhile sitting the war out. Spend your energy wisely and enjoy this exciting game! Show other players what you are capable of and make them tremble when hearing your steps!