Welcome to a new shooting simulator called Rules of Survival! This game is made for those who likes fighting and competing and looks for a tense action in an environment that requires steel nerves and firm fingers! Get ready to show what you’re worth on a vast island packed with enemies. All of them are online players, just like you. There will a total of 120 participants combating against each other. The rules of survival are no piece of cake. You’ll land without any weapons to defend yourself. However, there are plenty of supplies waiting for you all over the map.

 If you like testing your abilities and reflexes, the new Rules of Survival game will definitely win your attention! The action will take place on a large deserted island where you’ll be set up against 120 players, each of them fighting for their own victory. However, you can also build teams to make it easier for you to survive. Note that you will start the game unarmed. There will be no weapons or ammunitions held out to the players. You’ll have to provide yourself with everything you need by scavenging the territory for supplies that are scattered around the map. Of course, your opponents will be looking for them too, so be ready for a fight right away. Inside the buildings, you can find guns and bullets, medicine and armor to increase your chances.

 Stay alert and keep everything that goes on around in sight, because the enemies can attack you from every corner. The battle zone will be constantly shrinking and you need to stay in the boundaries of that circle while the tension grows and the combats become ever fiercer. Rules of Survival is a nice game for those who like action-packed, high-speed multiplayer games with a lot of shooting and sneaking. There are thousands of players ready to take up your challenge from all over the world. Just choose one of the many servers and join the game! Be quick, precise and focused and you’ll definitely be the last one to still hold a weapon even though your hands might be shaking with fatigue and your eyes red from constant staring at the computer screen!