The game Rules of Survival with cheats turns to be internationally successful among the other mobile applications. Why is it so popular? It looks like an average shooter game, though it is only a seeming similarity. Let us try to find its advantages.

As for the plotline, 120 soldiers have to land and discover a totally unknown island. Only one person has got chances to survive. Who is he and how to survive? First of all, a player must choose the most favorable place of landing. There is a wide range of locations, but only 4 of them are more or less advantageous for further fighter’s actions. According to experts’ view (proficient players’ feedback), they are: Safe Store, Research Edifice, Training Base, and Bitter Lake. All of them will provide the player with all the necessary supplies, instruments, and, importantly, weapons (helmets, rucksacks, rifles, shotguns, etc.). So, the first choice predetermines the outcome of the battle. Picking this or that place to land, you are not protecting yourself from possible attacks, combats or traps. None of them is safe enough. None of them is a refuge for the player. There is no optimal place to start the journey. Everything is subjective.

In order to survive you must be merciless, to kill everybody on your way, otherwise you will be killed. It is a law of nature: the strongest survives. The other crucial detail is the fighter’s tactics. You do not have just to run, collect the loot and fight with rivals – everything must be considered clearly and analyzed thoroughly. It means that your personage should pay attention to the arms of the enemy, analyze his own potential and probable failure. Only taking into consideration these nuances, he has got a chance to win. Keep in mind that it is impossible to defeat the rivals from the first attempt. Even if you are a profound and skillful player, the game is not that easy as it might seem from the first glance. It requires time, efforts and practice. Still not sure whether it is worth playing? Try it once and you will see with your own eyes that this game is just super!