Today mobile analogues of the popular PUBG have flooded the App Store and Play Market. The quality of those clones is far from perfect, so the appearance of a good game of a sort is a big plus for fans. We are talking about Rules of Survival. It’s hard to dedicate a lot of time and space to describe this game. It’s much similar to its big brother PUBG. Here you will also land on a large island with 120 players to compete. You’ll have to search for weapons, ammunition, equipment and other useful stuff. You can either play by yourself our team up with three other players. The territory of the game will diminish and your task is to remain alive as long as you can in this cauldron. The main differences of this game from other PUBG clones is a well-devised world, high-quality graphics, amazing gameplay and stable servers. This balance has made RoS very popular.

 At the moment, there are two ways to play Rules of Survival on your computer – through a special launcher and via an emulator. To install the launcher, download the desired RoS version on your phone. Then visit the developer’s site on your PC. Click the button called ‘Try the PC version’, that will download the setup file. The installation process is rather simple and requires no explanations. When you first launch the game, it will require you to confirm the QR code through the mobile version. After that you can connect to one of the servers and play. The controls are standard for shooters and there is also a system of tips. Note that the visuals are of a higher quality than via an emulator.

 To install the emulator, go to the official web page and download a relevant version. We recommend Nox because of its high compatibility, speed, simple settings and because it’s also free. The installation runs as usual. Before the first launch you’ll have to activate your Google account on the Android device. Then launch the program, look for Play Market in the menu and start the installation.