Rules of Survival Game Play Online for Free Now

Still thinking to download Rules of Survival on your gadget? Stop hesitating and start playing the game right now, as it is one of the best mobile applications developed for young people. The game is a dynamic simulator and in order to be a successful player it is better to know some crucial details about it. According to the experience, it is better to begin the game from certain spots. If you want to know more, keep up reading.


A test for the courageous

You have to land from a plane to an unknown territory, and it is essential to choose the best locations for landing. Look sharp and be ready to seize the opportunity for using head starts. Concerning the places to land, the most favorable are Safe Store, Research Edifice, Training Base, and Bitter Lake. The first one is situated on the southern edge of the island. This spot is really ‘user-friendly’, as it provided players with different types of arms. Walking along this area the player can bump into the mother lode of rifles, helmets, shotguns, and rucksacks. Keep in mind that Safe Store is near a rather dangerous Wheat Town. In other words, you can find not only provision and weapons, but other prowlers, craving for loot.

The eastern part of the island is Research Edifice. It does not produce an extremely bountiful harvest of available armament, though it provides looters with essential stores. You can grab pistols, helmets, rucksacks, etc. Comparing Research Edifice with Safe Store, it is apparent that it is less chancy, though not the worst one. Training Base seems to be the most favorable spot to begin the journey from because it is rich in different types of loot. On the other hand, it is a pretty hot spot too, as lots of players pick it to be the game start. So, if you decide to begin the game from Training Base, be ready to face rivals from all quarters. Grab as many provisions, arms, equipment as possible and defeat the foes on your way! Bitter Lake is a leading spot at the island map, where players start their adventures. It is the most hazardous place teeming with enemies in Rules of Survival. On the other side, it is the richest location for loot collecting. If you are not timid or need to find ‘treasures’ so much, delve into a really sinister atmosphere of Rules of Survival! Except the above-mentioned locations, there are lots of other places to land. They are more or less apt for landing and discovering the unknown. These four places, described in broad brushstrokes, are highly recommended to land at. It is up to you respect or not the experienced players’ feedback on this issue.

Fighting for your life

So the stage of picking the landing spot is over, the other crucial question is to survive. How to be the one who wins despite all the hazards and rivals’ attack? Well, move fast and think straight. Pay attention to what type weapons were chosen by the enemy and analyze their characteristics. Weigh all the pluses and minuses of your armament and the chances to win.

Keep in mind that a slow warrior is a dead one. The chances to be the leader depend on your agility and shrewdness. Be attentive, wise and fast. Actually, that is a basic tip to win the game. It is evident that you cannot win from the first attempt, as everybody needs some practice. If you follow these recommendations, you will become on the top of the leader chart very soon. Have fun!